We offer Extended Service Contracts through Classic Vehicle Protection. The terms are 90 day or 1 to 5 years.

The ESC is available on American made vehicles from 1940-1995 and covers:


All components/items listed in the categories below are covered by this plan, subject to the conditions and exceptions of the plan. Components/items not listed below are not covered. 

ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts, water pump, harmonic balancer, engine mounts, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds without internal catalytic converter (broken or deteriorated manifold studs are not covered). Cylinder block, cylinder block barrels, cylinder heads, valve covers and timing cover, only if damaged as a result of a covered failure of an above listed component.  

AUTOMATIC OR STANDARD TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts, torque converter, transmission mounts. Transmission/transfer case, only if damaged as a result of a covered failure of an above listed component. 

DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY: All internally lubricated parts, drive axles, wheel bearings, rear axle seals, inner axle differential seal, pinion seal, c.v. joints, locking hubs. Drive axle housing, only if damaged as a result of a covered failure of an above listed component. 

BRAKES: Master cylinder, power brake unit, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines and fittings, disc brake calipers, combination valve, factory installed ABS system (including electronic control processor), wheel speed sensors, pressure modulator valve, dump valve, accumulator. 

FRONT SUSPENSION: Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bearings or bushings, upper and lower ball joints, king pins and bushings, spindle and spindle support, wheel bearings, strut bearing and plate assembly, radius arm and bushings, torsion bars and mounts or bushings, stabilizer bar links and bushings, steering knuckle and hub assembly.  

STEERING: All internal lubricated parts contained within steering box and rack and pinion component, power steering pump, power cylinder assembly, steering knuckle, idler arm and relay rod, control valve, power steering hoses, pitman arm, tie rod ends, upper and lower steering column shafts and couplings, internal tilt-wheel mechanism. 

ELECTRICAL: Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor, windshield and rear mounted wiper motors, manually operated switches, electronic ignition module, starter relay, electronic ignition control box, engine compartment wiring harness, computerized timing control unit, crank angle sensor, knock sensor, ignition switch, ignition lock cylinder, washer pump and switch, stop lamp switch, headlight switch, turn signal switch, heater/AC blower speed switch, blower motor, horns, cruise control module, power control module, power window motor, power mirror motor, power antenna motor/mast assembly, convertible top motor, power sunroof motor, power window switch, cruise control engagement switch, power seat switch, power mirror motor switch, rear defogger switch, power door lock actuator and switch. 

FUEL DELIVERY: Electric and mechanical fuel pump, fuel injection pump and injectors, vacuum pump, fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, metal fuel delivery lines, fuel pump relay. 

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