Why consign with us vs others?

Brad Kline - September 15, 2020
We at SCCS strive to provide the best service to our customers on both sides of the transaction. The consignment process is simple:
1. Get in touch with us by phone, our online form or email about the vehicle(s) you have for sale. We will explain our condition standards to you and gather information on your vehicle to help determine a value.
2. We will show you the market and any research we do to establish that value. This will include looking at the current market of what is for sale, checking auction results and book values. Together we will agree on a price range that the majority of the research points to. For example: if you bring in a 1966 Ford Mustang coupe with a 289 in entry level show quality condition, you will see that the market ranges from $12,000 - $35,000. There are a couple in the low to mid teens, hundred in the high teens to low twenties, and a couple in the thirty to thirty five thousand range. So, we can eliminate those outliers as just that. We focus on the core group we will be competing with. The high teens to low twenties. We don’t mind competing at the top of that group as long as the quality of the vehicle is there.
3. We will sign a Consignment Agreement with you showing a 90-day consignment period and the price you would like to NET from the sale of the vehicle.
4. We do all the marketing for the vehicle on nearly 300 websites including: Ebay, AutoTrader Classics, CarsforSale.com, ClassicCars.com, All Collector Cars, AutaBuy, Hemmings, Old Ride, Old Car Online, Facebook Marketplace. Lot Lizard, CarGurus, Survivor-Cars.com, YouTube.com and many more. All the cars also get featured at the time of consignment on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Tik Tok, Google for Business, Yelp, Google+ and we share it with pages interested in those specific vehicles. No one list your car in more places than we do.
5. “What does all of this cost me?” – If you bring the vehicle to our showroom, it is absolutely FREE forever for you.
6. “What if it doesn’t sell in those 90 days?” – We will discuss the action we’ve had on the vehicle to date and give you our honest feedback on why it hasn’t sold. It may be the type of vehicle, price, condition, etc. We will be 100% honest on why we feel it hasn’t sold, and what we could do to help it along. You can then decide to leave it and keep trying or take the vehicle home. Either way, there is no charge to you.
7. “Why would I use you instead of any of the other companies out there?” – That is a great question and it has a few very simple answers. First of all, our commissions are the lowest in the industry. That means more money in your pocket at the time of the sale. The second reason is our transparency. We don’t lie to our customers about what their car sold for, or gash them to pad our pockets, so we have no problem showing you exactly what your car sold for. We don’t know of any other classic car dealers that are willing to do this. You have to ask yourself why that is…. Third, we pay you the same day we get paid. Some companies hold your money even after the deal has been completed and your car has been taken from their building! We think that is wrong and we want you to be paid as soon as possible. The day the money clears our account, we pay our consignors in exchange for the title to the vehicle. Lastly, since our commissions are lower, we have a lot less markup on your vehicle. We also don’t believe in marking a vehicle up just to negotiate down. We price the cars right the first time and stay pretty firm on our prices with that in mind. Some dealers mark the cars up 25% or more and they use excuses like: 1. It gives us negotiating room. 2. It gives us the ability to do trades. 3. No one pays full price. 4. This allows us to cover shipping for a buyer. What it really does is make your car harder to sell because you are now priced out of the market and IF it does sell it just made the dealer more money.
8. Have more questions? Give us a call at 941-845-4461 or email us at info@Survivor-Cars.com
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